The Welcome Wagon



Step and I have been in Cumberland for less than a week, but we’ve met a lot of new people already. Most people seem genuine and really approachable, and happy that we’re here. Even our new neighbour, who mentioned he liked Cumberland because “people leave you alone” (we’ve been told!) seemed friendly enough, and I interpreted his experience to mean Cumberland Folks are sensitive to your boundaries.

When I arrived on Friday with our cat, Whitey, Cathy threw rose petals on me, and the next morning she, Dave, Roman, and Lilly helped us empty our moving truck. Since then we’ve had visitors every day, even though the house we rented is kind of on the edge of the Village (we timed the walk “downtown”, it was 10 minutes). Esther even came by with a bottle of wine from her and Stella, and we have been invited for tea.

A Lovely Gesture

A Lovely Gesture

I heard a lady who works at the Gas ‘n’ Go lament they no longer carry pickled eggs, so I brought one of mine over for her and introduced myself. It turns out she like the more traditional pickled eggs and mine was a bit spicy for her, but she still seemed pleased to receive a gift. She said pickled eggs were a big seller there. I’ve never actually had a pickled egg other than my own so I’d be curious to try one of the traditional ones. I’d also like to sell my pickled eggs but maybe the Gas ‘n’ Go might not be the place for my eggs pickled in fire.

Not a Traditional Pickled Egg

Not a Traditional Pickled Egg

We’re planning on having a housewarming in a couple of weeks, after we get the house in order. (Perhaps I will serve some pickled eggs). We figured out a date that works for most of the people we already know here. Since that’s not a lot, we’re hoping the ones we do know bring friends, even though (like anywhere else) people are busy, but they are also curious about us so maybe that will balance the business out.

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4 Responses to The Welcome Wagon

  1. Bob says:

    Pickled eggs?? Howzabout some pics of your place, hoser!


  2. Claudia Bierth says:

    Robin, it’s great to read about your first week(s) in Cumberland and that you’re finding things and people so well! Wish I could visit you!


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