K’omoks First Nation celebrates National Aboriginal Day

Poeple Enjoying K'omoks First Nation's Hospitality

Poeple Enjoying K’omoks First Nation’s Hospitality

I carpooled with Dave and Lilly to Comox for the National Aboriginal Day celebration at K’omoks First Nation, which was well attended and just got busier as the day went on. There were booths with foods, crafts, and a 50/50 draw, as well as a skateboarding half pipe which was built by Get On Board with donations from sponsors and will be left on-site for skateboarding youth to enjoy. I was hungry and immediately had a “taco” from what I thought looked like the most authentic aboriginal food vendor, and it was really good. It was some elk chilli with lettuce and cheese and sour cream, on a piece of bannock. (I didn’t take a picture to share, though, ’cause it just looked like a taco). I asked for the bannock on the side because I can’t eat wheat, but I couldn’t resist having a nibble of it. ARGH! It was soooooo good! Really crispy and sweet on the crust and moist and delicious on the inside. I wrapped it in a napkin and gave it away later. Life is unfair.

I was glad I got into the food early, because that vendor had a super long line for the rest of the day. I also tried some homemade lemonade but it turns out I am a homemade lemonade snob and the one I got there sort of tasted like it was made from ReaLemon™ rather than real lemons and I didn’t like it as much. I guess they had to make a lot of it.

We didn’t see the Kumugwe Dancers because the Big House was too crowded to get into but here is a picture of the inside of the Big House I took later:

K'omoks First Nation's Big House. Sorry the pic is a little blurry, it was dark in there!

K’omoks First Nation’s Big House. Sorry the pic is a little blurry, it was dark in there!

There was an art show and also they have a great gift shop called I-Hos Gallery which is there all the time and open every day except stat holidays.

A Dance for the Solstice

A Dance for the Solstice

Cathy did an amazing solstice dance in an all gold costume on the stage outside which preceded the highlight attraction of the day, A Tribe Called Red! How this event snagged such a headliner, I can only attribute to the amazing organizational and persuasive powers of Cumberland Village Works, who produce a ton of festivals and shows around these parts and are a major force behind Comox Valley Culture. And they offered this entertainment by donation which was an incredibly generous act on their part. So, yeah, people had a really great time. Thanks, K’omoks First Nation, (and Cumberland Village Works) for your wonderful hospitality.

Get On Board!

Get On Board!

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