Who’s the Fairest of Them All?


Step Shows Off the Just Give’r Gift Crate at the Turkish Bazaar

It’s the age old question, but we won’t know which fair is the fairest until we attend them all, which may not be possible this year because there are so darn many!


A Lovely Faire Display

We kind of last minuted into Moonlight and Magic in Courtenay, where Step promoted our Just Give’r Gift Crates, a holiday gift project we are doing, and I missed almost the whole thing because I had to go to my job as fill-in host for Music Bingo. I was at Moonlight and Magic for about half an hour and it was pretty crowded, with people watching the Christmas Tree getting lit, listening to Kevin Flesher, poet laureate, and a magic show and shopping. Three, two, one, shop! There is also live music and face painting and the usual fair delights. It was so cold, though, but apparently this was the first year there wasn’t a blizzard or a monsoon or something, so that was a win. Step said he was okay but he could have used warmer socks so we got him some merino wool socks from Costco next time we were there.


Step is Blurry at Moonlight and Magic

We were too late to get into the Cumberland Winterfaire, which was sponsored by the museum, but Cathy decided to host a Turkish Bazaar at the Abbey, which is kind of kitty-corner to the CRI where the Winterfaire was held. At first I was a little “I-don’t-know” about having a Bazaar at the same time as the Faire, but since the museum supported the Bazaar by promoting it on their Facebook page I guess they were perfectly okay with it, which was nice. So we showed our crates there as well, and sold some cash ‘n’ carry ones, and I sold some of my World of Art greeting cards.


Folks Shopping at Cumberland Winterfaire.

I went by the Winterfaire and it was pretty swell, although I do wish the artists weren’t offering their goods for such a “good deal”. Some of the prices were impossibly low. My favourite thing I saw there were these beautiful inlaid cutting boards (which were priced very reasonably, but not so- low-self-esteem priced). Unfortunately we already have a lot of cutting boards, and the only person I would gift this to got a cutting board from us last Christmas, so I couldn’t support my love of it by buying one. I hope they did well.


I Like These Cutting Boards

The Turkish Bazaar was really fun, and Cathy made some amazing snacks. I am gluten intolerant, but I took fate in my hands and my intestines and ate a spinach and feta Borek anyway. I bought it early and waited until the end of the Bazaar to eat it (because who knows what will happen when I eat the wheat) and it was delicious! I also could have probably resold it for double as Cathy ran out of baked goods, even though she made a lot. Next year I will buy a bunch and resell them for more after she runs out. I will call it “snack scalping”, which is kind of icky because it makes me think of dandruff on my snacks. On second thought, I won’t do any of that. I will just enjoy Cathy’s snacks while they last.


People Chillin’ at the Turkish Bazaar

Did I mention it’s cold around here? We live in a big, not-well-insulated house with oil heating. We have to put a broomstick in a tank to make sure we don’t run out of oil as it can take a few days for the oil truck to come. One tank costs about $1200, but it does seem to last a long time. At night, our cat Whitey totally snuggles up to us and sometimes even gets under the covers and purrs, which is a new thing for her, and we have to stay perfectly still because as soon as we shift even a little she freaks out and runs away, taking all her furry-purry body heat with her, and leaving us to fend for ourselves.


Frosted Pine Tree



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