Annual Truck Parade


The Trucks of Main Street

Argh! I got so busy in December I completely forgot to post about the Cumberland Truck Parade, which happened almost a month ago, now. As you may have guessed, the Truck Parade is a parade of trucks, but covered in Christmas lights, so they are kind of like the Carol Ships of Vancouver but they are trucks. They parade down “Main” street and then park there for half an hour.


Santa and His Not-So-Little Helpers

Also, Santa is there! He hangs out under a canopy in the Village Square and you can have a hot chocolate and go see him. Instead of elves he has firefighters in full uniform. I like this modern Santa improvisation.

Truck Parade3

Takin’ it Seriously!

This year some people of Courtenay were disappointed the trucks decided not to parade through Courtenay. I can’t at the moment recall why this was, except there was some perfectly reasonable explanation, and it is the Cumberland Truck Parade. (They did go through part of Royston though, a place that some have nicknamed Cumberland-by-the-Sea). Anyway, between this and Empire Days, I have to say Cumberland gives a good parade. If you’re on Facebook, you can go see better pictures than I took, here.

Truck Parade4

Those Cumberland Nights!


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