Christmas Tree Bonfire



Step Takes Our Tired Tree for a Final Walk

A lot of the municipalities around here offer wood chipping disposal for your Christmas tree, but Cumberland offers a big bonfire. The volunteer firefighter force gets dressed in uniform and burns your tree in return for a food bank donation. It’s backwards and beautiful!


Villagers Visit and Watch Their Trees Burn

Step and I invited Esther and she couldn’t come but Stella asked if she could bring a friend and another one of their friends sort of half tagged along so we ended up with a parade of kids. The firemen also had hot dogs with bacon! That’s right, bacon! and hot chocolate which we all enjoyed. (If I’m going to be a nose to tail person, a hot dog is the way to go. I even ate the bun and instantly regretted it as I felt my insides churning around).


Cumberland Fire Fighters Make the Best Hot Dogs!

The bonfire was at the parking lot of the Cole Hills BMX track and the kids climbed the fence to slide down the ice covered BMX hill. These kids only had a piece of syrofoam they found to slide on, and eventually they just slid down the ice on their clothes. It reminded me of my childhood when we used to toboggan down the hill to the slough, until one of us fell into the slough and then tobogganing was over for the day. Eventually the gloves I had given them were wet (I had brought along extras which proved very useful), and Stella’s knees hurt, so we all walked home with bare our hands in our pockets.


In Cumberland, Fire Fighter Starts Fire

Thanks, Cumberland fire fighters, for a lovely community bonfire and hotdog! Keep up the great work.



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