Robin 5-Oh


Thanks, Gas ‘n’ Go, I’m famous now!

I turned 50 and while I kind of wanted to ignore that, it occurred to me I would turn 50 no matter what so I was okay with Step organizing an extravaganza “Amaze Day” for me. I didn’t think so many people would travel from Vancouver to help me celebrate but my friends are super-troopers and quite a few made the trip. Accommodation options aren’t plenty here, but we do have a very nice Riding Fool Hostel so when our house got full some people stayed there and others used their local “connects” to find places to stay.

Amaze Day

Amaze Day!

Ahmad cooked a stew of chicken and plums and we had a long table dinner at the Abbey on Friday, mostly for visiting friends and a few close locals. Shout out to the Masonic Lodge for filling in some of the gaps of our needs, such as more chairs and cutlery, and the Waverly for a cooler of ice and the CRI for being willing to supply ice but they couldn’t because their ice machine was being maintained and therefore empty. You know how I feel about bag ice (negative). After a lovely dinner we went by the Cumberland Hotel and did some karaoke. Pierre kept saying “I love this place!”, meaning, I think, the bar, and Stan and Matt did an exceptional duet to “Under Pressure”.

Matt and Stan Under Pressure

Matt and Stan show grace Under Pressure

On Saturday most people visited Mount Washington for a nice sunny snow day and the rest helped clean and set up for round two, the Amaze Day party. There was a Variety Show and Esther hosted by having me for a Fireside Chat between acts. It turns out Cumberland Has Talent. There was Poetry! Stunt Knitting! Singing and Guitar Playing! Voodoo Dancing! Sloth Comedy! Accordian! Even Koko showed up and fried me a banana, which was super flattering as you never know when Koko will appear or how she feels about anything in general. After the talent show we had a Dance Dance Party Party with flashing lights and a fog machine and Step DJed songs from my coming-of-age. That lasted ’til about 4am.

Koko Cooks Banana

Koko Cooks a Banana

Acordian John

The World Accordian to John


People made nice food for my birthday, too, and Stella made me lemon bars.

We had to get up pretty early on Sunday to clean up the Abbey, and I may have been still drunk, or just high on life + tired, but it was a pretty chill day all in all. Most folks headed back to Vancouver and we hit the White Whale for the culmination of their Poutine week. I had poutine and seafood chowder (healthy! That is sarcasm, if you can’t pick it up). It was delicious as always.

Dance Dance Party Party

Dance Dance Party Party with Flashing Lights and a Fog Machine

So yeah, I made it! I made it! And I felt loved, and I love my friends, old and new. Now I will always miss one place, because when I am here I will miss my Vancouver Peops, and when I am in Vancouver I will miss my Cumberland Peops. But like Kurt Vonnegut Jr. says, “so it goes”.

Peops on Mount Washington

Vancouver Friends visit Mount Washington

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