Ye Olde Heritage Week


Old Timey Cumberland Firetruck

Chinatown Diarama

What Historic Cumberland Chinatown May Have Looked Like

It was Heritage Week in the Village which means there was a Heritage Faire at the CRI, that had some interesting stuff such as old telephone books you might find family in (I did) and this great diorama of Cumberland Chinatown. I think I mentioned before Cumberland used to have the second largest Chinatown in North America, and recently, finally!, the Government of British Columbia recognized it as a Provincial Historic Site, but far too late, I’m afraid, as none of the buildings are left except for Jumbo’s Cabin, and all the artifacts have long been scavenged and plundered. You can walk around the site and there are plaques saying what used to be there, and Cumberland Museum has a large archive of photos from that time. If I haven’t mentioned it before I’ve been meaning to, and I will mention it more as the blog rolls on. Anyhoo, these people made the diorama all of stones from the area and there are real coal chunks which kids keep stealing from the diorama so they have to replace them all the time. Those kids are going to get another lump of coal in their Christmas Stocking!


Ye Olde Geese of Cumberland

Also seen was a model of the Number 6 mine, which was right in the centre of the village and is the #6 Mine Park now.


The #6 Mine when it was a mine.

There was some Brazilian cross stitching, some Medieval Cosplayers, and dancing by Simorgh, Persian Dance Collective. We could only stay a short while, so we missed a bunch of stuff.


Simorgh, Persian Dance Collective

Later, I had to go do some fancy cocktail catering, so I missed the Cumberland Lantern Parade, but Step went and took some fuzzy pictures. The video by Fox and Bee Media captures it well, though.

Lantern Fest

People Headed to the Park to Free Some Lanterns

Video by Fox and Bee Media.

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