The Village is Alive with the Sound of Music


Lisa took this selfie picture but I love it so much I have appropriated it. Look at Cathy rubbing her hands with glee!

Actually, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged. It’s not that nothing happens here, it’s just that I got a temporary full time job as a desk jockey and, while it’s kind of fun so far, it’s kicking my ass, and I haven’t had a lot of discretionary time to to post.

Singplosion 2016 Outlines

Singing in the Name of Art!

Lucky Village Enterprises (that’s us) helped the Cumberland Culture and Arts Society raise some public art money by co-hosting a karaoke night with them: Singsplosion! Which was half a regular karaoke night and half a karaoke contest. Kevin Flesher, Comox Valley Poet Laureate, had the idea to class up the stage in the Masonic Hall by using a little money from the CCAS fund (they have not been very active the last few years but have a fairly healthy bank account). First we took the fridge and compressor off the stage, which was a great start, and then Aelia directed the transforming of the stage into a classic black box. Later that week, she sewed curtains and a valance. The plan was to build a thrust stage but the same week the City of Courtenay bought The Bridge nightclub (alas, poor The Bridge, I knew you not) and they had a fixture sale so Kevin just bought a thrust stage off of them. It wasn’t the height we envisioned but it was cheaper and less work so that made it perfect. Jon painted it black to go with the stage.


Danilelle, our “Karaoke Waitress” looking Lovely on a Lovely Stage.

The Masons let us use the hall in exchange for giving them the bar, which was a total win/win for us, because even though we lost potential profits, running the bar is a bit of a PITA. (It turned out the Masons had a really good time and invited us to do it again sometime). The karaoke was a multi generational affair. Some of the older people off the Village arrived even before we were open and they wasted no time getting the karaoke going, and by karaoke contest hour there were all sorts of people there and I believe we may even have been at capacity. The contest was judged by me, Kevin , and Sean Sullivan, our esteemed Village Counsellor. We had a lot of judging criteria, but none of them had anything to do with singing ability. Everyone who entered got a prize, and the top three got Fabulous Crocheted Mics by Aelia. I hope to win one of those someday!


A Bushel of Kate Bushes.

The next day I wore all red and participated in a Kate Bush flash mob dance in the Village Square. It was Cathy’s birthday and her dream and she made it happen. I am very much a klutz and I only had time to attend one rehearsal, so I danced in the back. I think by the last repetition I got the chorus moves down. Many people participated and even Ahmad danced, so it was pretty special. It could happen again someday. We all enjoyed it, people who couldn’t attend lamented, and it turns out it’s a global thing. There’s video around and Step plans to edit one so when that’s done you will see it here.


Snackin’ after the Dancin’.

You can tell it’s spring here in Cumberland. There is a tiny lake a few blocks from where we live, in Kendall Adventure Trails, and the sound of the frogs at night is deafening. Also, we have seen fawns in our yard. No crickets yet, but our cat Whitey anticipates them. Last year her nightly routine was to catch one and let it go inside the house, where she would hunt it to death. Cats, we think they’re cute.


Kate found this Frog or Toad in our Yard

You know what else you see a lot of around here? Children without their parents hovering over them. Yes, free range children, it’s so refreshing! It’s not that it’s particularly safer here, but as Yaya explained it, you can always just ask around and find out where your child is. It seems so sane.


Can You Tell They are Besties?

Even though we are far too busy to entrepreneur right now, we went On Deck at another #WeAreYQQ business development workshop because it was pre-scheduled. The other business on deck was Ivan’s Truffles, so we teamed up with our “give” by making chocolate martinis with some of Ivan’s amazing chocolate sauce. I garnished them with lady fingers. I bought both packages of lady fingers at the same time at the same store, and the second package was stale, which I didn’t notice until I cleared them up later. To me, that’s a disaster! I think maybe only 5 or 6 drinks got sent out that way, but it’s a lesson on quality control. If you serve stuff you have to taste it constantly. No wonder chefs never have meals, they are too full of quality checks.


Drinks for Ideas.

Kerry turned forty, and wisely used that as an opportunity to get people to travel all the way to her beach front house in Comox. It was a toga party! Well, she called it Aphrodite’s Temple. Kerry sure throws a good party. The highlight for me was the burning of her Hope Chest in the yard, but first she got us to fill it with things we wanted to let go of. I can’t remember what I wrote so I guess it’s truly gone! There were also good snacks and her Greek meatballs were better than mine by a long chalk. To avoid drinking and driving Step and I slept in our van and in the morning we had coffee on the beach and received a free air show as the snowbirds were in town and practicing at the nearby Comox airport.

High Priestess Kerry

The High Priestess Birthday Girl

When I was a little kid my family lived in Comox and we owned land on that beach and the idea was to build a house and live there, so having that morning on the beautiful beach was bittersweet with the melancholy of what might have been and the magic of the lovely moment happening all at once. Then Kerry made a delicious breakfast of Eggs Florentine and happiness, and more people showed up and it was good.


A Comox Valley Moment.

As I am working so much I am trying to not do as many community gigs but they’re so hard to resist and I would be sad to not do them at all. This weekend I ran the bar at the Cumberland Community Forest Society Trivia Night and we had planned to have a bar team, because I love trivia!, but we were way too slammed to do that even a little bit, which was salved by my thought that we made quite a bit of money at “drinking for the forest” night. Now the CCFS can buy Space Nugget!


(I don’t know who took this picture of) Villagers Answering Trivia Questions for the Forest!

And bonus Cumberland News:


We Have an Arcade Now!








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