Summer of Beaches


Step Enjoys Coal Beach

It feels like the summer somehow got away, although looking back through the pictures I have, things happened. Last summer I felt I hadn’t gone swimming often enough so I tried to go every nice day this year. We found some new-to-us swim holes I really enjoy. Step prefers Coal Beach but I like Palm Beach. Well, I like them both, and we also went to Gartley Point a lot because it is in the ocean and easily accessible—you can drive right in unlike most of the other places. Meaghan would also come because she is teaching Cadi how to swim.


Step and Jon Relax at Gartley Point


Palm Beach on the Puntledge River

Being super duper busy (but with what?) didn’t stop us from hosting a few parties. We usually have something on Canada day, and this year I borrowed a big charcoal barbecue from the Fleshers and made a several gallons of Arnold Palmer with some whiskey on the side. Badminton is big with us this year, seeing how we have this massive yard, and by the end of the day the grass on both sides of the net was trampled and brown, and all the Arnold Palmer was gone, so I would call that a success!


Canada Day Friends Playing a Game That Involves a Mouth Full of Water


Canada Day DJ Action


I Made a Legendary Community Banner

I took the logo I made for Kevin, which he decided not to use for his tour company, and made a community banner. The first time it appeared was at a fundraiser we did for an improv club I started with my friend, Jon. The fundraiser was called Legends of Badminton, and it was also in our yard. It was competitive sportsing but none of the competitions were classic badminton. Here are some folks playing “Cumberland Fire Drill” and a video of the Awards Ceremony (I took this video on Step’s phone and there are a few points where his phone case shows in the frame. Sorry). Aelia made these sweet sweatbands, and Josie, the woman who claimed first prize, will wear hers. It says “Legendary” on it.

The banner appeared at the Comox Valley Collective Magazine Launch, and was at Foggy Mountain Fall Fair Follies and the Pie Contest, so it’s getting some use. Step told me Sean Sullivan, esteemed Village Councillor, called it the Village Narcissism Banner, but Step doesn’t remember telling me that, or talking to Sean about the banner, so maybe it didn’t happen? Only Sean knows. I probably could have made a banner that said “Historic” instead, but it wouldn’t have been as funny and also no one has commissioned and rejected an “Historic” logo from me (yet).


Me with Sean Sullivan as “Acting Mayor” During Atmosphere Festival

My brother and his family came to visit us this summer. They live far away so we don’t see them often. I gave my nephew, Emmett, a Captain Thunderpants CD, and he sang “Please Don’t Pull My Pants Down, I Don’t Want to Show My Bum” for about 2 days. It was fun to hang out with him now that he’s old enough to talk, and he seemed to extra love Uncle Step. Step is so excited to be an Uncle, we better get down to their house soon!


Emmett and Uncle Step Walk in the Forest

We didn’t camp much this summer, other than at Strathcona Dam, and a couple nights on Quadra. Meaghan gets a couple sites every year and a bunch of people go. The campsite  is called Wei Wai Kai and is run by Wei Wai Kai Nation. It’s right on the ocean and there are all sorts of whacky, handmade structures and interesting sculptures. You can’t buy firewood there, instead, they tell you to go to Rebecca Spit and collect it off the beach. This seemed crazy to me until I went there and saw the endless ocean of driftwood. We didn’t have to go far to collect enough wood for the whole weekend.


Camping at Wei Wai Kai

It’s raining now, seemingly endlessly. The Puntledge river has overflowed and flooded Lewis Park in Courtenay, and I heard a rumour people were kayaking on it (no pics, though, so it might not have happened (edit: It did happen, at least in Puntledge Park, which, it turns out, is flooded as well)). Like many people in Cumberland, we have a sump pump in our unfinished basement, and our lives have a background soundtrack of a rumble, and then the sound of water in the pipes, and then a gurgle, about every 60 seconds, but it’s kind of comforting to know the basement isn’t flooding until the power goes out.


Seen at Cumberland Peace Park


Lewis Park. Photo stolen from Comox Valley Echo.

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