Not So Anonymous Here


Who Doesn’t Love an El Camino?

You see way more old cars in the Comox Valley than you do in the city, which is a little confusing because there is more road salting and seaside driving here. Either people really love old cars or it’s an economic thing. I am guessing it’s the love, it’s the love. Our 1986 Chevy Camper Van  fits right in. Our camper is really dirty but I’m afraid to wash it because it might fall apart. There are also more “art cars” and one creepy camper van shaped like a skull that lives around the corner from our house. When I see it on the road I try to video it in action but so far these attempts have been met with failure.


Living Inside Their Head

Things play out differently in a small community. A disgruntled employee brought an internet mob to libel Biblio Taco, which is a damn fine little taco joint, on their Facebook review page, and the village responded by publishing over 1000 positive reviews and eating more tacos. Biblio Taco showed a sense of humour about the whole thing, briefly changing their name to 1 Star Tacos, with merch to match, and still smiling when people started ordering racoon burritos with mouse poo sprinkles. Even though I don’t want a small business to suffer from such antics, some of those one star reviews were pretty funny and imaginative. But then the sad little trolls started bullying a few of the people of the village who called them out, and that was stressful and horrible. Our only consolation is they have to live with themselves and we don’t.


Feeding the Village People, even the Trolls!

The Village has been upgrading, I think the sewer?, or maybe the road itself?, or both?, anyway Dunsmuir Ave, AKA “Main Street” for ALL SUMMER and FALL. I never knew road work could take so long. It’s kind of funny, and again contrasty to the city, because they didn’t block the road from pedestrian traffic, so people could just wander into whatever part they were working on and look down the big holes. Instead of traipsing down the street at night you could trip down, and one day Stella’s leg fell into a waterworks manhole.The good thing is we now have a beautifully smooth Main Street. The bad thing is anything that took place on the street, like parades and stuff, were cancelled this year and the merchants maybe suffered a little bit financially. The Village People responded by organizing a Cash Mob, which was supposed to be like a flash mob but instead you went into the village and spent cash at the shops. I have no idea how that worked out because I was volunteering at the Elevate Winter Bazaar that day.


Hey, What Are You Guys Doing?

I keep telling people that Step is a great DJ but the fact that I am married to him makes people think I have some kind of bias. They are starting to catch on, though, and this weekend Step DJed both the opening of the “10 Under 100” show and Tim’s birthday party. Dancing ensued. Jump around, Selector Sproutsonic!


An Homage to the Village which I put in the 10 Under 100 Show.

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