After 30 years in the city, my husband, Step Carruthers, and I wanted to know what life was like in a little Village, so we packed up our cat and moved to Cumberland to find out.

5 Responses to About

  1. Got a Twitter handle? Tweet me at @hanspetermeyer or @WeAreYQQ so I can help promo your blog posts 🙂


    • robinkonstabaris says:

      Thanks, Hans! I’m embarrassed to say I have trouble managing social media, so I do not have a twitter handle for this site, but I will soon make one for our Lucky Village Enterprises enterprises. Perhaps I will find it easier to manage then and the blog handle will follow.


  2. Cathy Harris says:

    Hey Robin! Look what happens when you get a dumb phone operator on the line! Glad to see you areally loving Cumberland! C


  3. Susanne says:

    My, my. You’re the second person in a month I’ve heard about moving to, of all places on the map, Cumberland. Talk about off the beaten path. I grew up in Comox but live far away now. Last summer visited the Cumberland museum and wandered around the old site of Chinatown. A fascinating place to find yourself!


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