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Let Me Tell You About the Birds and the Bees

I’m am still smoking busy with my temporary job but I really wanted to help with Elevate, which is a local, accessible arts festival that Meaghan and the rest of the Elevate the Arts Society spearhead every year in Courtenay. … Continue reading

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Some Art and Beans

This morning I had a little spare time and I thought “I should update my blog”. Usually I go through pictures I took to remember all the things that have happened, but today there were very few. I have been … Continue reading

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Food is Good Food

I’m sure it’s not the same in the winter but there sure is a lot of free food around here. Mostly fruit and vegetables, because everyone has gardens and fruit trees and not everyone has time to pick stuff or … Continue reading

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A Good Ol’ Hand Painted Sign

I am interested in sign painting as an art and so was glad to see Cumberland Brewery getting some new signage by Flywheel Studios. …a little distressing: Looks great, guys!

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